Healthwise L-Serine Powder 150g

Healthwise L-Serine Powder 150g

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150g Powder

Did you know? The women of the Ogimi village in Japan, whose average life expectancy exceeds 85 years, consume extraordinarily high amounts of the L-serine containing foods, seaweed and tofu, as staples in their diets?

ž   May also provide the following benefits:

ž   Neuroprotection and Diabetic support

ž   Improving memory and dementia

ž   Improving sleep and anxiety

ž   Liver detoxification


ž   Take Serine with ½ tsp Glycine before bed as a shuttle to aid with cell uptake.

ž   Folic acid and B group vitamins aid in serine conversion so ensure dietary levels of B/Folic acid are adequate.


ž   Sleep disorders: 3g 30 mins before bed is considered a therapeutic dose

ž   Neuronal and methylation support: 3g-8g daily

ž   Serine is generally regarded as safe (GRAS) and up to 8g per day in divided doses maybe consumed.

ž   Note: The diet of Ogimi women contain around 8g of serine from foods per day.


ž   This product is sold as a food only.

ž   For specific conditions, please consult your healthcare professional.